In order to achieve the UMSIRE JIP objectives, the following activities will be conducted:

  • Establishing the UTA recommended practice guideline to include:
    • Installation knowledge (including information to be used as guidance for vessel selection)
    • Consideration of the whole system (Umbilical + UTA + Bend stiffener)
    • Design standardisation (including interfaces)
    • Scope for significant reduction through different design philosophy
    • Consideration for the whole UTAs’ life cycle (from design to decommissioning)
  • Knowledge-sharing amongst members ◦Better understanding and sharing of the cost drivers (including installation, lifecycle development, key players and design limitations)
  • Distribution of information to all parties across the industry

Activities in order to reduce the size of UTAs will focus on:

  • Collecting umbilicals systems (umbilical + UTA + bend stiffener) design, manufacturing and installation requirements from oil and gas companies, FEED companies, manufacturers and installers looking at the whole life of the umbilical system from design to decommissioning
  • Capturing typical umbilical system architectures in order to facilitate standardisation
  • Highlighting the technical and commercial risks associated with increasing size and weight of umbilical terminations

The above mentioned activities will be carried out by means of a survey among all JIP members.

  • Carrying out economic analysis correlating the effects of variation of size of different elements on an umbilical system
  • Identifying the most “practical” maximum dimensions range as a function of the dimensions of the umbilicals
  • Defining standard shaped UTAs taking into account the needs of all parties involved (oil & gas companies, designers, manufacturers, installers)
  • Standardising interfaces between different elements of the umbilical system